Our Background

We are a company dedicate to design, develop and distribute baby items in South America, with private logos or brand names.

Our experience for more than 15 years in the market gives you the possibility to develop your own line of baby products, buying direct from the best factories in China with out leaving your office,

You can create a line of baby products for the customers you want to handle, you can have low or high price products, we handle the best factories for each segment of the market, covering the warranty you have to have to offer your products with out any hesitation. 

On the other hand, we advise how you can develop your line of products in the U.S.A market, we help you and show how you can put your line of products in U.S.A. stores following the regulations. 


Our brands for U.S.A market are:

  • Full- sales representative

We strive to provide current, accurate products and information your family can depend on.

We aim to:

  • Serve and helping parents to get the best / safest baby product for the price they paid.
  • Upload the safest and funniest baby product and advice on a daily basis
  • Respond to our customer inquiries in a timely manner​.

Our Brand for U.S.A.

Product samples

Our mission